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Free Online Tutoring at your Fingertips
by Casey Munger

An accomplished scholar, Casey Munger tutors undergraduate students in Accounting, Economics, and Finance.  Students pay nothing for this high-quality service, which is provided as a labor of love. Casey can be reached by either email or on skype.


Ordinary email has proven to be an efficient means for interacting one-on-one. Please explain your question or problem as completely as possible in order to increase this efficiency even more.

Skype Name:  caseymunger

The skype technology allows for one-on-one communication in a “chat” type format that may be a little more convenient in terms of “speed” than ordinary email. And it's free. To set up a skype account, please visit


Casey does not accept telephone calls through skype, cell-phone, or any other telephonic means. So please don't ask.